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Sevilla Bridal








Sevilla Bridal was established since 2010.

European style wedding gowns with their modern classic beauty are the dream gowns of many women. Sevilla Bridal, an upstair boutique in Tsim Sha Tsui is known for its simple, exquisite and yet elegant design and cutting gowns which show the temperament and beauty of a bride.

Sevilla Bridal’s wedding and evening gown collection is meticulously designed by Hong Kong and Taiwan designers and customized to best suit the taste and figure of Asian women. Materials of our gowns are sourced from different countries. Our designers are skillful in the selection and pairing of high quality fabric and accessories to create a style of classic elegance and simplicity. Thanks to their exquisite design and craftsmanship, each gown is unique and promises to perfectly display the charm and personality of a bride on her special day. Sevilla Bridal also has a collection of tuxedo and Chinese style couture for rental.

Apart from gown rental, Sevilla Bridal offers a range of services including make-up, hair styling, big day video and photo-taking, and Chinese wedding planner services to help you celebrate this momentous event in a style you like.

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Sevilla is a romantic place in spain. As the place matches the European style of gowns of the bridal boutique, the boutique is named Sevilla to impress customers. Sevilla Bridal offers a variety of styles in gown options.
Although gowns are mainly in A-line style, there are also popular choices like trains, dolly style, bareback, solid flowers and rare pattern with long at the back and short in front. The tailor-made production of Sevilla can create gowns with respond to the trend, the bride's temperment and image.
  (852) 2668-4000   www.facebook.com/sevillabridal  
  (852) 5540-8890   8/F, Granville House,
Nos. 41C & 41D, Granville Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon