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近年DEEP V婚紗愈來愈受歡迎,不過新娘子穿上一般Nubra後都會露出個扣,不甚美觀。呢個時候提胸膠紙就幫到你喇!佢黏力特強,可將胸部提升及推中,而且更可以先痴冇扣嘅Nubra,再痴上膠紙,同步使用,咁就塑造到完美胸型嘅效果喇!同事仲親身試過,撕落嚟嗰時真係完全無痛感㗎!



  • 澳州進口
  • 黏力特強
  • 肉色不顯眼
  • 撕下時無痛感
  • 適合任何cup數
  • 低敏感性,不含乳膠
  • 防水,可於游泳時用
  • 5米長,可使用數次但不能重覆使用
  • 適合著Deep V衫/婚紗時穿,令胸型更靚


Booby Tape Nude

Have you ever found the cutest outfit but couldn’t find a bra that worked? Have you bought a product that claimed to give you a breast lift but found there was no support? Booby Tape is the answer!

  • Lifts any size bust 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex free
  • 5 metre roll will last multiple uses
  • Wear outfits you couldn’t wear before because you can now go braless
  • Nude is perfect underneath coloured clothing
  • Waterproof, perfect for underneath swimsuits
  • Cut your own tape length to suit your unique figure
  • Painless to remove





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提胸膠紙 Booby Tape Nude

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